Choosing An Assisted Living Community

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Choosing An Assisted Living Community

Hello, I am Marna Pegalso. Welcome to my site. When my grandmother reached her nineties, she began to have a difficult time moving about the house safely, especially while the kids were away at night. Yet, she stubbornly refused to move in with anyone or let someone stay with her full time. She wanted to maintain her independence. After she tripped and fell down, she was finally ready to discuss a move. We respected her need for independence, so we sought out a suitable assisted living community. We set up grandma in a private apartment on the first floor. The community provided her with all of the support she needs without invading on her privacy. I would like to use this site to explore all of the amenities and services provided by an assisted living community. Please visit often to learn about his option.



Three Subjects To Address When You Visit A Retirement Home

When you find yourself in the early stages of planning to help your elderly parents move into a retirement home, it's beneficial to attend open houses at a number of different facilities in your city. These events aren't solely an opportunity for you to take in the accommodations and speak to some current residents about the retirement homes; you'll also have the chance to visit with a retirement home representative to learn about the facility and ask a number of questions that can help you feel confident about the right home for your beloved family members. Read More 

Exposing Myths About Caring For An Elderly Parent

Caring for your elderly parent can be a difficult task due to their numerous health needs. Unfortunately, this can place a tremendous burden on you, and if you have a full-time career, you may find it impossible to adequately meet their needs. When this problem arises, choosing the best care option can seem like a difficult task. This is especially true when you are under the impression that some common misconceptions are true. Read More 

Diet Keeps Your Aging Body Active In Retirement

Bones and muscles change as you age. If you don't pay attention to their needs, you can find yourself slipping into a sedentary lifestyle. Retirement communities are a good place to get support for eating right. Here are some ways to stay healthy and active into your senior years. Your Changing Physiology The changes in your body are subtle as you age, but if you don't respond early to the changes, you'll have a lack of stamina and be prone to muscle and bone injuries. Read More